Petroleum Drilling Techniques, Issue 2, 2019

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An Integrated Drilling Cuttings Utilization Technique in the South Pingqiao Block of the Fuling Shale Gas Field


In order to solve the problems of high cost of drilling cuttings disposal and environmental protection concerns during the productivity construction of south Pingqiao Block in Fuling Shale Gas Field, an integrated utilization technique of shale gas drilling cuttings was studied. The study included analyzing the hazards of drilling cuttings and the shortcomings of existing common cuttings treatment technologies,. Fabricating bricks from the cuttings was considered a key technology. The study included processes such as curing brick making for water-based cuttings while drilling and co-processing of oil-based cuttings by cement kiln were proposed, the actual technique to be determined based on the actual conditions of the cuttings generation. The proposed integrated utilization technique of shale gas cuttings was field tested in Well JY205-1HF, JY199-4HF and JY199-5HF, the test results suggested that this shale gas cuttings disposal technique was cost efficient, clean, environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. Studies showed that this technique could effectively solve the problems of high economic investment and environmental risk of the existing cuttings treatment technologies. It opened up a new way for the resource utilization of drilling cuttings and the construction of green shale gas field. It has a good outlook for application and implementation in the field.