Petroleum Drilling Techniques, Issue 2, 2019

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Progress and Outlook on Drilling and Completion Technologies in the Tahe Oilfield


The fracture-cavity carbonate reservoir in the Tahe Oilfield possesses the characteristics of deep burial depth, high temperature, high pressure and the presence of H2S. Aiming at the challenges such as well leakage, hole diameter shrinkage, well collapse, long drilling period and high well control risks in the drilling process, technical researches and practices on drilling and completion were carried out. Through three stages of development, including safe well construction, rapid and excellent drilling, and high-efficiency drilling stages, the casing program optimization and rapid/excellent drilling-oriented drilling and completion matching technologies were developed, which not only provides strong support for the rapid production of Tahe Oilfield, but also promotes the drilling and completion technical advancement of Sinopec’s deep/ultra-deep wells. Currently, the exploration and development of Tahe Oilfield have turned to the deep and peripheral reservoirs, where the drilling and completion are more difficult, and it is necessary to carry out petroleum engineering technical research and test on the basis of the benefit development of deep oil and gas reservoirs as well as the safe and efficient drilling of ultra-deep wells, to satisfy the high efficient development of deep reservoirs in the Tahe Oilfield, and to promote the drilling and completion technical advancement of Sinopec's extra-deep wells.