AAPG Middle East Region Geoscience Technology Workshop

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New Heterolithic Opportunities - Getting the Most out of a Mature Heartland with Boomerang Methodology and Machine Learning application


After 90 years, BSP is still finding new opportunities in the mature heartland of Brunei and the latest play opener is to target heterolithics facies (including thinbeds and low resistivity pay). Through a new understanding of the log response combined with the understanding of different facies related to heterolithic lithology, BSP may be able to increase its resource base by 15% as well as identifying new plays for exploration, to exploit this type of resource. The methodology “Boomerang” workflow evaluates the logs (neutron-density with gamma ray & resistivity) to identify the range of clean sand to shale, but the shape reflects what we have left behind in mixed lithologies containing more silt with some sand and shale. The “Boomerang” can indicate the prospective section, and this is being matched with the facies type in different environments across Brunei. This requires a good subsurface understanding, careful review of core and log response. This will be combined with advanced analytics to evaluate thousands of wells across Brunei. Currently the analysis takes 2 days for one well. The ability to use machine learning allows the analysis to be done in hours once the data is prepared. The focus is onshore to target suspended wells that could still have life in them yet and then to impact how we complete new wells to obtain the most from the resources in Brunei. Once there has been a proof of concept, this will impact where we complete the wells, how we book our resources and what we consider a viable play type in an old heartland like Brunei.