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Fracture propagation in shale gas reservoirs: An enhanced dynamic simulation assessment


Augmented by the recent activities in the oil and gas industry, it can be easily said that hydraulic fracturing has become a pivotal component for the successful development of unconventional reservoirs. This tremendous growth has fuelled significant advancements in numerical modelling. This paper describes enhanced dynamic simulation assessment of fracture propagation behavior.

Enhanced discrete fracture network methodologies are applied to a shale gas reservoir and investigated with the help of industrial simulators. Fracture parameters along with propagation and interaction behavior between natural fractures and hydraulic fractures are analyzed and quantified. This is followed by verification of the Previous HitmodelsNext Hit which further illustrates the accuracy and relevance of the prediction Previous HitmodelsNext Hit currently used in the industry. The interaction behavior and quantification of fracture properties is further investigated from the simulation results along with diagnosis of the primary contributors. In addition, a sensitivity analysis is also conducted to examine the hierarchy of the main contributing parameters and their response.