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CFD modeling of erosion in gas-solid and liquid-solid flows


Solid particle erosion is considered as one of the major concerns in engineering applications which can lead eventually to failure of components and potentially result in hazardous catastrophic consequences. This work presents a CFD approach for erosion prediction applicable for gas-solid and liquid-solid flows. Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations with standard k–ε model are used to predict fluid flow. Discrete phase model (DPM) combined with Forder et al. particle-wall rebound model is employed to predict particle motion. Comparing to two-way coupling ways, one-way between flow and particle motion is sufficient for the present purpose. A few erosion Previous HitmodelsNext Hit, including that of Oka, were tested. In order to validate the current approach, predictions are compared to experimental results in the existing literature. The Oka erosion model gives prediction closest to experimental data.