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Exploring alternative solvents for gas processing using the soft-SAFT Eos


Polyethers are a family of compounds of interest for the oil industry: glycols are known by their application as dehydration agents while glymes have gained the interest from both industry and academia as feasible candidates for gas separations. However, their characterization is still poor, hindering the development and optimization of novel separation processes. This work aims at demonstrating the soft-SAFT reliability that, when combined with a limited number of experiments, can provide a way for systematic studies on the performance of physical solvents for gas processing technologies. A recently developed, consistent, reliable and transferable molecular model for polyethers in the framework of soft-SAFT, is here applied for the first time to model the vapor-liquid equilibria (VLE) of glymes + CH4/CO2. Moreover, the same model is shown to be able to accurately describe the VLE of aqueous solutions of polyethers.