AAPG Middle East Region, Shale Gas Evolution Symposium

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Overview of Shell’s iShaleTM Field of the Future Program


Over the past several years, Shell’s shale business has significantly improved its operational and above asset costs. These improvements reflect our pursuit of simplicity and effectiveness across our operations rather than any single initiative. In late 2016, Shell launched its iShaleTM program to explore a vision for the shale field of the future, which would leverage technology to increase production while delivering significant decreases in costs and safety risks. It is too early to predict future cost decreases from the integrated iShaleTM development, as we are currently conducting benchtop and field trials in support of a first implementation in the Permian asset, with drilling to commence in Q1 2019 and first production expected late 2019. This presentation outlines overall progress to date, both in terms of technology and change management activities within Shell’s shale assets. We will provide a view of 2019-2020 activities linked to further broadening of the scope of technologies applicable to the shales business – known as iShale2.0.