AAPG Middle East Region, Second EAGE/AAPG Hydrocarbon Seals of the Middle East Workshop

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Hydrocarbon Seals in Jurassic Carbonate and Evaporite Sequences in Kuwait: Implications for Exploration


Jurassic reservoirs are one of the most extensively explored exploration targets in Kuwait. These reservoirs, deposited in a regionally widespread carbonate-evaporitic intra-shelf basin, consist of a complex sedimentary suite of evaporites, limestones, dolomites and rarer shales. The facies variability resulted in the development of numerous source, reservoir and seal intervals leading to multiple established petroleum systems and several plays. The plays, bounded by prominent top and base seals are characterized by high degree of variability of play elements and occur within Hith, Gotnia, Najmah, Sargelu and Marrat formations (Husain et al., 2015). This study is focused on the architecture of these play-bounding seals, their role in defining the vertical and spatial limits of the Jurassic plays and impact on exploration strategy.