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2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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Reservoir Prediction in the Ibhubesi Gas Field, Block 2A, Orange Basin, West Coast of South Previous HitAfricaNext Hit


Identifying prospective reservoirs remains a challenge in oil and gas exploration and development ventures. Seismic and well log interpretation are key in the ‘fit-for-purpose’ development of reservoir prediction models and a lack of robust interpretation can lead to drilling failure. Relatively, if reservoirs are buried at a significant depth, weak seismic reflection on the signal will have an impact on Signal/Noise ratio (S/N) to give a poor image on the seismic data. Ideally, appropriate studies and accurate reservoir prediction should be conducted continuously and refined throughout the exploration, appraisal development and reservoir management cycle. The objective in this field, is to assess and predict the reservoir geometry, distribution system and the extent of the individual identified reservoirs. The evaluation includes the application of different seismic attributes, the analysis and selection of which models appropriately predict reservoir geometry as tied to the well.