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2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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Controlling Factors of Previous HitEffectiveNext Hit Carboniferous Volcanic Reservoirs of Dabasong Uplift in Junggaer Basin


In recent years, oil and gas exploration of Carboniferous volcanic rocks in Junggar basin has gradually shifted from basin margin to basin center. Based on aeromagnetic and seismic frequency, electrical line and logging data of distribution, Previous HiteffectiveNext Hit volcanic reservoir distribution and controlling factors were carried out in Dabasong uplift. The results show that 4 main inherited NNE trending nose structures are developed around Dabasong areas. The volcanic rocks are intermediate-basic volcanic rocks and volcanic sedimentary rocks. The volcanic rocks are mainly distributed in the structural high part of nose structure, while volcanic sedimentary rocks distributed in the structural lower part of nose structure. The volcanic rocks mainly develop the secondary pores, with low porosity and low permeability and extra low permeability reservoir. The Previous HiteffectiveNext Hit reservoirs are controlled by volcanic rock lithology and lithofacies, weathering time, late diagenesis. The Previous HiteffectiveTop reservoirs distribute near volcanic crater and its flanking, often develop in explosive facies and effusive facies.