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2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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The Previous HitDirectNext Hit Previous HitIndicatorsNext Hit for Predicting Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the Deep Water Areas of Vietnam Continental Shelf


Beside the traditional petroleum resources that have an important role in the industrialization and modernization, Gas Hydrat, the resources can add to fossil fuels in the future, can existent in deep water area on the continental shelf of Viet Nam. This paper presents several examples of GH prediction from seismic data in deep water areas of Vietnam. It appears that Bottom Simulating Reflector (BSR) distribution and Gas Hydrate Stability Zone (GHSZ) may be the best Previous HitindicatorsNext Hit for gas hydrate occurrence. In this case BSRs are absent, the amplitude anomalies may be a good proxy of gas hydrate. Following these Previous HitindicatorsNext Hit, we determined the presence of strong reflective surfaces, continuous parallel to the sea floor (BSR) within the blank zones, gas chimney, anomalies amplitude on the seismic section in the deep water of the Southern part of Song Hong Basin, the Eastern of The Phu Khanh Basin, as well as of the Nam Con Son and Tu Chinh – Vung May Basin . From the results of Vietnamese seismic data analysis, it can be considered that there are many Previous HitindicatorsTop related to the existence of Gas Hydrate in the deep water area of the Vietnam continental shelf.