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Regional Previous HitInducedNext Hit Previous HitSeismicityNext Hit Collaborative: Integrating Research Approaches in the Southern Midcontinent


The state geologic surveys of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Ground Water Protection Council, have created a Regional Previous HitInducedNext Hit Previous HitSeismicityNext Hit Collaborative (RISC) to address the issues of Previous HitinducedNext Hit Previous HitseismicityTop in the southern midcontinent of the United States. RISC focuses on improving the communication of research approaches being undertaken by the different state geological surveys and those outside of the state surveys who are also engaged in related research, especially federal laboratories and other research institutions. RISC also facilitates communication to regulators and other stakeholder groups through the role of the state surveys. Specific goals are to integrate approaches for geological interpretations and analyses, improve management of produced water, and address other potential human causes of seismic activity and risks. RISC will also facilitate research by developing a scientific, theme-based framework for collaboration, organizing workshops and targeted scientific meetings, and providing efficient pathways for data and information exchange. The collaborative officially began activities in FY18.