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Big Gas Data: First Insights From a Global Database of >20,000 Natural Gases


We compiled a global database of natural gases and used it to revise common genetic diagrams (i.e., Bernard plot and Schoell-Whiticar plot) and to develop new genetic diagrams that better define and constrain physical, biological and geochemical processes that affect natural gases during their formation, migration, accumulation and alteration. This unique database currently contains data on >20,000 individual gas samples from >70 countries on 6 continents. The data come from conventional petroleum reservoirs, shale gas reservoirs, coal beds, freshwater and lake sediments, marine sediments, gas hydrates, seeps (petroleum, hydrothermal, serpentinization), igneous and metamorphic rocks etc. The data consist of sampling site information, geological setting of the sample, geochemical composition of gas and information on associated rocks and fluids. We will present the initial results from our evaluation and interpretation of the global gas database. Specifically, we will present the revised gas genetic diagrams as well as new genetic gas diagrams.