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Multi-Staged Golden Zones of Hydrocarbon Exploration in Superimposed Petroliferous Basin China


The continental plates of China undergone a long history of several geologic evolution cycles. It has been approved that multi-staged golden zones for hydrocarbon exploration is commonly developed in the superimposed petroliferous basins onshore China. It can be found that there are three factors controlling the formation of multi-staged golden zones of hydrocarbon exploration. They are basins:(1)source kitchens developed with multi-periods and multi-centers which have been verified to lead multi-stages of HC generation with large scale, (2)multi-staged reservoirs develop with large scale, (3)hydrocarbon accumulations occur with the multi-periods and late effectiveness. The conventional source kitchens, dispersed liquid HC-cracking gas kitchens and effective reservoirs with large scale join together to control the distribution of golden zones in timing an d space. Exploration golden zones have the characteristics of inherited stacking and lateral variation. Palaeo-highs, palaeo-slopes, palaeo-platform margins, and multi-period inherited fault zones control the distribution of hydrocarbons in the explorational golden zones. The concept of multi explorational golden zones helps to deepen the knowledge of new hydrocarbon distributional regularity which revealed recently in China. It shows that there exist economic resources in the deep section of the superimposed basins of onshore China. The hydrocarbon discovery history in the superimposed petroliferous basins has the feature of multi-peaks of proven reserve increase an d lasting a quite long period, which indicates a huge potential for future exploration.