--> --> Onshore Mature Field Rejuvenation on Golden Lane, Mexico: Reducing Cycle Time Through an Integrated Approach

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Onshore Mature Field Rejuvenation on Golden Lane, Mexico: Reducing Cycle Time Through an Integrated Approach


Golden Lane, the prolific oil province in the Tampico-Misantla Basin in Mexico, was discovered in 1908 by the well San Diego de la Mar # 3. Technologies used for discovery included: surface geology, oil seeps mapping, gravimetric anomalies (torsion balance) and percussion drilling systems. It was the beginning of the oil industry in Mexico. Aguacate oil field was discovered in 1970 using two-dimensional seismic data. The field was incipiently developed in 1972, and was abandoned in 1976. In 2011, in order to increase production in the northern part of the Golden Lane a multidisciplinary team was integrated and 100 square kilometers of three-dimensional seismic data were acquired. The team settled for permanent members and others who participated temporarily according to the phase of the work developed. First task for the team was seismic acquisition parameters definition, supervising and performing quality control on acquisition and PSTM processing of seismic data. In a second phase parallel to the first, the team conducted the integration and interpretation of data including gravity and magnetics, well logs, core analysis, preparation of synthetic seismograms, definition of seismic facies and calibration of producing wells with seismic response, seismic attributes analysis, seismic gathers preparation and AVO and AVA analysis. All this information derived on lead identification and prospect generation and ranking according with volumetrics and risk analysis. In a third phase, the team made the design of wells to be drilled and supervised the drilling, completion as well as production testing. Proper integration and operation of the team over the life of the project allowed to generate timely high quality information and achieving the first barrel of production after 186 days the first seismic shot. The integrated services approach (from seismic design until well drilling) as well as a multidisciplinary team management, resulted in a significant reduction in cycle time in the rejuvenation of the field.