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3-D-Basin Modelling of the J Block of Da'an Oilfield Under the Control of Terminal Fan


Da'an Oilfield is located in the center of the Songliao Basin depression Da'an-Honggang terrace a secondary structure, the central depression is in the transitional zone and the western slope two relative vertical movement of a tectonic units, it is belonging to the order of squeeze construction of oil and gas accumulation zone. The J Block of Da'an oilfield near the shaft portion of the anticline, belonging to structure-lithologic reservoir. It development within two main fault block and a secondary small faults which are NNW direction faults, due to the small faults cutting effects, it leading to that the well pattern of the small faults and the main strip of fault west is irregular. Combined with seismic data, core information, well logging and other basic information, Our research believe that the J Block of Da'an oilfield mainly developed for The middle subfacies and distal subfacies of terminal fan sedimentary system;. Quantitative description of sedimentary microfiches in the study area, based on the characteristics of the terminal fan depositional system and the interpretation of the single well microfacies. Then according to different sedimentary microfacies reservoir parameters quantitative distribution rules and reservoir physical model is established, to realize the three-dimensional visualization and quantification of fine reservoir description; from attributes, geological reserves and production performance of model is verified, for the study on the distribution of numerical simulation and remaining oil in the reservoir provides the basis.