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Dead Oil Viscosity Model Based on SARA Analysis for South Ratqa Oil Field


Abstract Viscosity is an important physical property that controls and influences the flow of oil through porous media and tubing and pipelines. Whenever possible, the oil viscosity should be determined in the laboratory for the required pressure and temperature ranges. API and temperature plays an important role in determining viscosity. This project presents a study of the various methods for calculating the dead oil viscosity. In this study, the accuracy of the well-known correlations (Based on API and temperature) are tested against heavy oil viscosity data collected from south Ratqa oil field-Kuwait. Later, the published models was modified, to get a better viscosity estimates. Finally, a new correlation based on SARA analysis, API and temperature is presented to estimate the dead oil viscosity of south Ratqa field when experimental data is unavailable. The results showed that the new model is able to predict the dead oil viscosity with average relative error of 1.7%, average absolute error of 11.9%, standard deviation of 10.7%, and r squared of 94.8%. The new correlation has been tested and found to reliable for estimating the heavy dead oil viscosity for south Ratga oil field when experimental data is unavailable.