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AAPG 2016 International Conference and Exhibition

Exploring Frontiers in a Competitive Environment

September 6-9, 2016, Cancun, Mexico

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) in partnership with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

Posted September 21, 2016
Search and Discovery Article #90260 (2016)

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ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Sequence Sratigraphic Framework of the Southwestern Part of the Actopan Carbonate Platform, Lower Cretaceous, Hidalgo State, Mexico

“Sheet Sands” Revisited: A Potentially Misleading Concept at Production Scale

Komombo Petroleum Systems Modeling — Western Desert, Egypt

The Analysis of Application Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Interferometry to Interpolate Missing Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Interpretation, Well Log Analysis and Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Geometrofmeyal Oil Field, Western Potwar, Disttattock, Punjab, Pakistan

Application of Advanced Mud Gas Analysis for Field Development: Kuwait Deep Carbonate Case Study

Imaging Challenges in Deep Water Mexico: Advanced Technology Solutions

Application of Salt Tectonics Concepts to Hydrocarbon Exploration in Mexico

Triangular Juxtaposition Diagrams: Incorporating Across-Fault Growth to Reduce Uncertainty

Carbonate Depositional Models, Rock Fabrics and Porosities for a Prograding Oolitic Wedge: the Bathonian of Western France (Aquitaine Basin)

Determination of the Laminar, Previous HitStructuralNext Hit and Disperse Shale Volumes Using a Joint Previous HitInversionNext Hit of Conventional Logs

Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Visualization and Geological Analysis of Deepwater Geobodies, Potiguar Basin (Offshore, NE Brazil)

Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Evolution and its Influence on the Deposition of Sediments, Type of Organic Matter and Hydrocarbons Generated in the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, West Indies

Previous HitStructuralNext Hit and Stratigraphic Evolution of the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, Since the Pliocene

Geomechanical Impact of High Tectonics and Overpressure in Fracture Design — a Tight Gas Reservoir Case in Argentina

Impact of CSEM Methods in Risk and Volumetric Evaluation of Prospects and Discoveries in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

Signal to Noise Analysis of Densely Sampled Microseismic Previous HitDataNext Hit

Reservoir Characterization of Lower Roabiba Sandstone in FA Field, Bintuni Bay, West Papua, Indonesia


Utilizing Full Waveform Previous HitInversionNext Hit to Improve Reservoir Imaging and Previous HitInversionNext Hit in East Breaks, Gulf of Mexico

Towards an Improved Understanding of and Response to Large Microseismic Events Associated with Petroleum Operations

The Significance of Bedding Planes in Controlling Out-of-Zone Growth in Highly Fractured Shale Play

The Role of Proppant Mesh Size on Stimulation Effectiveness

Plasticity and Flow: A Continuum Description of Reservoir Response Previous HitfromNext Hit Microseismicity

A Reseach on the Possible Contributing Factors of Water Breakthrough in Cased-Hole Completed Wells

Drilling Dynamics Knowledge Contributes to Reservoir Navigation Decisions in Peregrino Field, Offshore Brazil

Non Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Geophysical Applications-Gravity Method

The Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Has Many Analogues to the Barents Sea's First Permian Oil Discovery

Fluid-Filled Fractures Mapping Using S-Wave Attenuation on Microseismic Events

Source Rock Analysis in the Western Caribbean Region

Mechanics and Kinematics of the Perdido Foldbelt Toe, Northern Mexico

Redox Conditions Across the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary: Elemental and Isotopic Signatures Retained in the GSSP Carbonates — Expansion of the High-Resolution Chemostratigraphic Profile Set of the GSSP Enhanced Global Correlation Tool

Fracture Facies: Static Fracture Distribution Model Based on Sedimentary Facies

Conceptual Geological Model About Hydrocarbon Flow Through Fractures in Siliciclastic Sequences of the Chicontepec Fm.

CO2 Sequestrations: Environmental Best Practices in Light of EPA/World Bank/Equator Principles, EPA Findings About Releases Previous HitFromNext Hit Injection Zone and Applications to Enhanced Oil Recovery and Gas Development in Mexico

Mechanisms and Products of Mineralization in Modern and Recent Microbialites Previous HitFromNext Hit Great Salt Lake – Implications for the Fossil Record

Sedimentological Control of Diagenetic Processes of the Tidal Sandstones of the Upper Cape Hay Formation (Permian, Bonaparte Basin, Australia): Impact on the Reservoir Properties of the Petrel Gas Field

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Carbonate Reservoir Prediction and Drilling Results, Offshore Nicaragua, Caribbean Sea


Facies, Architecture and Diagenesis of Middle to Upper Jurassic Carbonates: An Outcrop Analogue for Subsurface Reservoir Prediction (Ghissar - Uzbekistan)

Facies Architecture of a Porous Upper Ordovician Reef in the Hudson Bay Basin — A Potential Reservoir Directly on Top of a Type II Source Rock

Salt Creep Monitoring in Real Time Drilling Geomechanics: How to Define in Real Time the Mud Weight to Get a Safe Time Window to Drilling, Casing Running and Cementation Job

New Exploration Ideas Leading to Discoveries and Unlocking New Potential in a Mature Oil Province: The T2 Unit, Llanos Basin, Colombia

Petrophysic Behavior of Reservoirs and Seals in Cuban Economic Exclusive Zone in the Gulf of Mexico and its Surroundings

Using Analogue Hypogene Karst Systems to Understand the Pre-Sal Carbonate Reservoirs Offshore Brazil

Geochemical Study of the Sinemurian Arietites Bucklandi Zone in the Blue Lias of Lyme Regis (Dorset, UK)

Density Mapping Technology — A New Geophysical Method for Density Contrast Exploration in the Crust

Relationship among West Taiwan Foreland Basin Development, Inherited Extensional Structures and Taiwan Orogeny

An All-scale Analysis of Shale Pore Structure of Continental Shale in Ordos Basin, NW Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Following Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Depth Imaging Technology for the Mexican Oil Industry: Experiences and Lessons Learned

Predicting Reservoir Facies Distribution in the Subsurface: Hodgeman County, Kansas

Detection of Vertical Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways in Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit: Toward the Quantification of Top Seal and Charge Risk

Geologic and Volumetric Evaluation of Prospects Offshore Uruguay

Extracting Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attributes for Rock Physics Reservoir Characterization in Subsalt Environments, Keathley Canyon, Walker Ridge and Green Canyon Areas, Gulf of Mexico

Shear Fault-Bend Folding Across the Southern Caribbean Basin, Offshore Northern Colombia — Implications for Hydrocarbons Exploration

An Update of Hydrocarbon Potential of Cuban Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

Compelling Evidence Previous HitfromNext Hit Eastern Mexico for a Late Paleocene/Early Eocene Isolation, Drawdown and Refill of The Gulf of Mexico

Optimizing Shale Reservoir Characterization With Spectroscopy Evaluation While Drilling

Application of Simultaneous Previous HitInversionNext Hit and Gemechanical Facies in the Characterization of an Unconventional Play: An Example Previous HitFromNext Hit the Vaca Muerta Formation in Argentina

Analysis of Water Distribution in the State of San Luis Potosi, México and its Relation to the Use of Resource Through a Geospatial Modeling


Devonian Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Integrated Subsalt Velocity Model Building in the Central Gulf of Mexico

Subsalt Velocity Trend and Its Spatial Variation in the Central Gulf of Mexico

Rock Physics Template and its Significance in Velocity Model Building and Pore Pressure Prediction

Using Core, Log and Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit to Resolve the Cretaceous Units of the Powder River Basin

Salt Tectonics and Exploration Potential of the Deepwater Cuenca del Sur (Campeche) Salt Basin, Mexico

Allochthonous Salt Sheet Growth: Implications for Thermal History and Source Rock Maturation in the Burgos and Perdido Basins, Mexico

Elastic Wave Propagation in Fractured Media Using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method

Application of Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Imaging Techniques and Quantitative Interpretation and Their Impact in Exploration and Hydrocarbon Discoveries, Offshore Southeastern Basin, Mexico

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attenuation Workflow for Lithology and Fluid Interpretation

A Variable Speed Drive Designed to Reduce Operating Expenditure and Maximizing Oil Production in Electrical Submersible Pump Applications: Case History in Ecopetrol

Geostatistical Prediction of Reservoir Petrophysical Properties by Copula-Based Dependence Models Between Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attributes and Petrophysical Properties

Geochemistry of Natural Gases and Condensate in Tazhong Region, Tarim Basin

Diagenesis and its Impact on the Reservoir Quality of Chang 7 Tight Sandstones in Ordos Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Cenozoic Geologic Evolution of the Belize Central Continental Margin: Long-Lived Offshore Isolated Carbonate Platforms Versus Juvenile Barrier Reef


The Fault Trajectory Method: A New Technique for Estimating the Location and Dip of Controlling Faults Below Forced Folds

Chemostratigraphy of the Woodford Shale, McAlister Cemetery Quarry, Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma

Leveraging Technology to Reveal the Next Giants: Mexico Deepwater Campeche

Petroleum Systems in Conventional, Unconventional Resources in Northern Arabia

Migrating Twin Left-Lateral Faults System Along the North Caribbean Boundary— Implications On Geodynamics Around the Haiti-Cuba Boundary

Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia — The Origin of Ecopetrol

Application of Elastic Parameters in the Basin Modeling of Unconventional Reservoirs

Integrated Approach for Unconventional System Analysis and Modeling: The Lower and Middle Triassic of Western Canada


Geochemical Characteristics of Eocene Dolomite in the Saline Lacustrine Basin, Qiadam, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions, and Palaeoenvironmental Significance of Saline Lacustrine Dolomite Previous HitFromNext Hit the Qaidam Basin, Western Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Identification of Neogene Mixed Lacustrine Carbonate in Western Qaidam Basin

The Darwin Discovery and Its Implication on the Hydrocarbon Potential of the South Falkland Basin

Estimating Brittleness Index Using Mineralogy and TOC in the Whangai Formation, New Zealand

The Marine Vibrator JIP

Integrated Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Real-Time Visualization of Reservoir Navigation Model, Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Cube and While-Drilling Previous HitInversionNext Hit of Ultra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity

Record and Constraints of the Eastward Advance of the Caribbean Plate in Northern South America

Deepwater Clastic Systems Along the 1000 km Exhumed Gondwana Margin: Lessons Previous HitfromNext Hit Outcrop Studies

Continent-Ocean Transitions, How Do They Form? An Example Previous HitFromNext Hit Sergipe Alagoas, Brazil

Basement Fabric Previous HitfromNext Hit Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit, Offshore Deepwater Colombia


Process Stratigraphy — Physics-Based Stratigraphic Predictions Previous HitAppliedNext Hit to Sandy-Steep Submarine Fan Deposits; Example of the Youngest Late Pleistocene Lobe in the Golo Submarine Fan System, East Corsica

Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Styles in the Bahia Basin and the South Caribbean Deformed Belt, Colombian Caribbean Margin

Multi-Scale Characterization and Modelling of Non-Marine Microbial Carbonates: The Lower Purbeck Formation (Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous), Dorset, Southern England (UK)

Diamondoids as Molecular Markers for Coupled Oil Cracking and Expulsion Evaluation in Unconventional Petroleum Systems

Recent Advances in the Understanding of Northern Basin Stratigraphy, Gulf of Paria: Integrating Biostratigraphic and Palynological Analysis

The Origin of Ultra-deep Fractured Tight Sandstone Reservoir and the Model of diagenetic Evolution in Kuqa Depression, NW Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Re-Thinking Reservoirs: The Case of the T2 Sands in the Southern Llanos Basin of Colombia

Regional Play Concepts of the Namibian Margin: New Mega-Regional Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit Offer Insights Into New Petroleum Plays

Fracture Characterization of the Woodford Shale in the Arbuckle Anticline, Southern Oklahoma, Using Terrestrial Lidar

Dolomite Outcrop Analogues as a Key to Understand the Development of Super-K Layers in a Giant Carbonate Reservoir (Upper Khuff Formation, Middle-East)

Diagenetic and Rock Physics Depth Trends in the Veracruz Tertiary Basin, Mexico

Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Modeling of Fault Reactivation Problem in Petroleum Reservoir Considering the Fault Divided into Core and Damage Zones

Imaging the Pre-Salt Gulf of Mexico: Basin Classification and Comparison With Other World Class Petroleum Basins

An Experimental Study of Carbon Sequestration via Mineralization of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum

Estimation and Re-Parameterization of Saturation and Pressure Changes Previous HitFromNext Hit Time-lapse Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit Based on Statistical Rock Physics Modeling

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Stratigraphic Analysis of the Messinian Evaporite Deposits and Their Temporal and Spatial Distribution in the Western Cyprus Arc, Northeastern Mediterranean

Miocene Ash Beds in The Central Gulf of Mexico: Case Study and Analysis

Growth Extensional Fault-Related Folds in Salt Basins: A Case Study of the Interplay Between Salt Dynamics and Extension in the West Africa

The First Mexican Woman Geologist


Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Chang 7 Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Reduced Frac Spread Costs Through Optimized Shaped Charge Design

Earth Systems Modelling in the Predictive Mapping of Source Rock Environments: The Application of Organic Matter Productivity and Anoxia/Dysoxia Preservation Models for the Greater Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

Subsurface Mapping of the Early Miocene Retrench Sandstones Along the La Fortune Anticline, Oropouche Oilfield, Southern Basin, Trinidad, W.I.

The Effects of Acid Fluid on Diagenesis in Coal Measure Strata

Depocenter Migration Previous HitFromNext Hit the Identification of Genetic Sequences in the Senoian to Paleocene in the Southeast of Santos Basin

The Stratigraphic Record of Channel-Lobe Transition Zones: A Synthesis of Exhumed Examples Previous HitFromNext Hit the Karoo Basin, South Africa

Reservoir Lithology and Fluid Characterization Based on Extended Elastic Impedance Previous HitInversionNext Hit: A Gulf of Mexico Case Study

Sedimentological and Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Interactions Between Mobile Salt and Carbonate Systems in SE Mexico

Regional interpretation Across the Entire Gulf of Mexico Basin — A New Perspective

Regional Mapping Across the Entire Gulf of Mexico Basin—New Plays, New Perspectives, New Discoveries

Understanding the Transition Between Limestone and Dolomite to Estimate the Hydrocarbon Volume of Carbonate Reservoirs

Stratigraphic Architecture and Depositional Environments of A Mud-Rich, Fine-Grained Early Foreland Basin Source-to-Sink System: Pennsylvanian Atoka Formation in Arkansas

Effect of Diagenesis on Reservoir Distribution in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Evidence Previous HitFromNext Hit the Changxing Formation (Permian) in Tieshan District of Northeastern Sichuan, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Recent improvements for Quantitative 4-D Previous HitSeismicNext Hit

Carbonate Platform Record of Mid-Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAE), Croatia


Integrated Analysis of Six Major U.S. Shale Gas Basins and Shale Oil Basins: Reserve and Production Scenarios Through 2045

Turbidites Characterization Previous HitFromNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Stratigraphy Analysis: Application to the Netherlands Offshore F3 Block

The Inboard Lower Tertiary Play — U.S. GOM Deepwater

Low-cost Non-Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Methods for Oil & Gas Exploration

Challenges Related to the 3D Geo-Cellular Modeling of Vulcaniclastic Mature Oil Field in Central Sumatra, Indonesia


The Role of Minerals in Petroleum Generation, a Laboratory Perspective

Reconstruction of Post-Rift Anomalous Subsidence in Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South Previous HitChinaNext Hit Sea

The Revival of the Turbidite Hydrocarbon Plays in the Brazilian Offshore Basins

Joint Previous HitInversionNext Hit of Conventional Well Logs for Determining the Pore Microstructure and Saturation of Carbonate Formations

Facies Description, Depositional Environment and Petroleum Potential of the Lyons Sandstone, Colorado Front Range and Northeastern Denver Basin


Advanced Methods to Build Complex Earth Models for Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Modeling

Stratigraphic/Sedimentological Analysis of Two Major Marine Transgressions During Cretaceous Time in the Actopan Platform, Hidalgo State, Mexico

Quantitative Evaluation of Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution of a Tight Sandstone Reservoir — A Case Study of the Southwestern Part of the Ordos Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Factors Influencing Oil Heterogeneity in the Permain Loucaogou Lacustrine Tight Oil Reservoir in the Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Geological Factors Controlling Pore Throat Type Distribution in Lacustrine Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: the Chang 7 Tight Sandstone of the Ordos Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Application of Full-Waveform Previous HitInversionNext Hit for Shale Diapirs and Carbonate Rafts in the U.S. Central Gulf of Mexico

Statistical Variable Salt Velocity Calculation by Neural Network Classification in the Central Gulf of Mexico

Subsalt Imaging — Coherent Noise Removal and Steep Dip Enhancement in Support of Subsalt Exploration

Impact of Dolomitization and Solid Bitumen on the Lower Triassic Shoal Reservoir, in Tieshan Gas Filed, Northeastern Sichuan Basin, Southwest Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Analysis of the Transfer Process and Dynamic Variations of Pore Pressure for the High Rank Coal in the Southern Qinshui Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit-Based Sedimentary Episode Identification for Overlapping Compound Sedimentary Bodies in Continental Lacustrine Rift Basins: A Case Study Previous HitfromNext Hit the Bohai Bay Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Maximizing Image Previous HitDataNext Hit To Minimize the Uncertainty of the Geological Model for Horizontal Well Fracturing

Petroleum System Modeling and Exploration Potentiality in Abu Sufyan Sub-Baisn, Muglad Basin, the Republic of Suda

Underground Imaging to Detect Voids at Aqueduct Levee Crossings Using Geophysical Survey Techniques

Geological Framework and Gas Hydrate Potential in Deepwater Fold-and-Thrusted Belt of the Lower Gaoping Slope Offshore SW Taiwan

Oil Accumulation Related to Migration of Source Kitchens in the Lukeqin Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Belt, Turpan-Hami Basin

Effect of Pore Structure on Methane Sorption Capacity of Shales

The Application of the Geostatistical Previous HitInversionNext Hit in Shale Lithofacies Prediction

Fractures Development Characteristics and Their Effect on Productivity in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, Keshen Gas Field, Kuqa Depression

The Architecture of Buried Reverse Fault Zone in Sedimentary Basin: A Case Previous HitFromNext Hit the Northwest Margin of Junggar Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Origin and Distribution of CO2 in the Deepwater Area of the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South Previous HitChinaNext Hit Sea

A Revised Overburden Estimation Methodology

Exhumation of a Proximal Foredeep and Associated Thust Belt Evidenced by Porosity Versus Depth Trends: the Upper Cretaceous Vivian Sandstones in Western Marañón Basin (Perú)

Benefits Previous HitFromNext Hit Integrating Previous HitSeismicNext Hit and Non-Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit for Offshore Mexico Exploration: Previous HitFromNext Hit Regional Geological Context to Prospect Imaging and Reservoir Characterization

South Atlantic Rifting and the Impact on Equatorial Atlantic Deepwater Exploration

Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Evolution of Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt, Offshore NW Sabah, Malaysia and Hydrocarbon Implications

Paleoenvironments of the Albian Glen Rose Carbonate System in the Gulf of Mexico: USA and Mexico

Molecular Organic Geochemistry of Crude Oils Previous HitfromNext Hit Fields in the Albertine Graben, Uganda: Possible Implications on the Expulsion of the Oils Previous HitFromNext Hit the Source Rock

Fracture Characterization at Multiple Scales Integrating Geologic, Borehole and Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit in Tight Oil Sandstones

Source Rocks Maturity and Generation Processes Estimation in Cuban Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico


Detectability Enhancement Toward High Resistive Target With Synthetic Aperture Source for Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Marine CSEM Previous HitDataNext Hit Modeling at the Rugged Seafloor

Tight Reservoir Characteristics of Sedimentary Organic-Matter-Bearing Tuff and Influencing Factors of Petrophysical Propertyin the Santanghu Basin, Northwest Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Opportunities and Challenges in the Upper Cretaceous Turbidite Channel Play, Foz do Amazonas Basin, Equatorial Margin of Brazil

An Innovative Reservoir Method for Maximizing Drilling Success Rates in the Sui and Habib Rahi Limestone Plays of Pakistan

Advanced Well-Site Geochemistry While Drilling: Improved Wellbore Positioning and Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs

First Coupling of Δ47 Thermometry and U-Pb Dating to Constrain the Diagenetic Evolution and Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins: The Case of the Paris Basin (France)

Integrating Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit and Seafloor Geochemical Sampling Technologies to De-Risk Deepwater Colombia

Oil Seeps on the Seafloor of Perdido, Mexico

Petroleum System Modeling of the Shelburne Sub-Basin: An Insight on the Petroleum Potential of the SW Nova Scotia

Forward Stratigraphic Modelling of Deep-Sea Sedimentary Environments: Predicting Facies Distribution in Salt Tectonics Context

The Dielectric Permittivity of Carbonate Formations With Different Porosity Types

Best Practice Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Modelling and Kinematic Algorithms Used for Geometric and Sequential Restoration in Salt Basins

Lithofacies Evolution of the Sierra de Chiapas Basin and the Chiapas Paleo Bay, Cretaceous to Eocene

Shell, Texaco and Occidental, Pioneers in the Exploration of the Putumayo-Oriente-and Marañón Basins, Colombia-Ecuador and Peru

Prospect Hammerhead (AC 943 #1 Exploration Well) Alaminos Canyon Protraction, U.S. Perdido Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico

Geopressures Calculation in Real Time to Calibrate Operating Windows

Delineating Salt Bodies With Previous Hit3-DNext Hit CSEM Technology — Case Study: Perdido Fold Belt, US GoM

Jurassic-Cretaceous Tectonic Evolution of the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico, Constrains on to the Style and Timing of the Gulf of Mexico Rift-Drift Development

The Role of Heritage in the Architecture of the Andaman Rift: Oblique and Diachronous Reactivation of Basement Faults

Interpretation of Airborne Magnetic Previous HitDataNext Hit of Upper Benue Trough, Northeastern Nigeria

The Asquith Marker and Other Lewis Shale Strata as an Oil and Gas Source Rock, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, United States

Break-up Processes at Magma-Rich Rifted Margins: Imaged Through the Lens of a Mega-Regional, Long-Offset, Trans-Crustal Reflection Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Dataset

Stratigraphic High-Grading of Exploration Fairways: Deepwater Reservoir Distribution in Time and Space, Offshore East Africa

Improving Reservoir Production Forecast Accuracy — Application of Lessons Learned Previous HitFromNext Hit Conventional Reservoirs

Discovery of the World Class Petroleum Province Reforma-Akal, Southeast Basin, Mexico

Non-Geologic Factors Necessary to Develop a Shale Industry in Mexico

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Monitoring of the Pyrenees Field: A 4-D Success Case Study

The Geometry and Kinematics of the Kashi-Aksu Foreland Thrust System, Northwestern Margin of the Tarim Basin

Control Factors of Organic Matter Sedimentation in a Modern Mud-Rich Turbiditic System: A Sedimentological and Geochemical Approach

Complex Reservoir Architecture As Revealed By Broadband Wide Azimuth Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit – Implications for Reservoir Risk In the Deepwater Salina del Istmo Basin, Mexico

Insight Value of the Stress Field Dynamics in Hydrocarbon Exploration Within the Highly Deformed Thrust Belts; An Example Previous HitFromNext Hit Lesser and Outer Himalayas Along Main Boundary Thrust Fault, Hazara-Margalla Hill Ranges, North Pakistan

Geochemical Methods Required to Determine the Sources of Oils Previous HitfromNext Hit Latin American Basins

Geochemical Technologies to Characterize Heavy Oil and the Sources for Mixed Oil in Latin America

A New Look at the Petroleum System within the S-659 Area, Soldado North, Gulf of Paria

Giants in the Lowlands and Foothills: A History of Exploration in the Llanos Basin, Colombia

Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Systems of the Llanos Basin, Colombia

Discovery and Challenges of the Southern Gulf of Mexico Gas Province

A New Approach for the Enhanced Interpretation of Marine CSEM Previous HitDataNext Hit

Current Status and Advances of Gravity Survey in Oil Exploration and Reservoir Monitoring

Groundwater Environmental Liability Management Using Baseline Sampling Programs


A Comparison of Pore Pressure Profiles in Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand

Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Styles and Regional Play Types in the Mexican Offshore Previous HitFromNext Hit New Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit

Nomenclature Proposal and Provenance Analysis of the Concepción del Oro Formation (former Formación Caracol): Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Southern North America in the Late Cretaceous

Evalution of Different Remediation Measures for Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils

Folding and Pre-Folding Natural Fractures in the Cupido Carbonate Platform and Speculative Fracture Characteristics in Equivalent Deep-Water Carbonate Facies

Mechanisms of Erosion and Entrainment by Submarine Mass-Flows; Insights Previous HitFromNext Hit the Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil

Mass-Transport Complexes as Markers of Deep-Water Fold-and-Thrust Belt Evolution; Insights Previous HitfromNext Hit the Magdalena Fan, Offshore Colombia

Foreland Sequence Framework Within and Outside of a Cratonic-scale Fault System: Preliminary Analysis of the Roles of Tectonics and Eustasy Previous HitfromNext Hit the Ottawa Embayment, Central Canada


Diagenetic and Microbial Steps Leading to the Mineralization of Microbial Mats in Cuban Hypersaline Lagoon (Cayo Coco; North Cuba)

A New Frontier Unconventional Play in Northwest Peru: Lancones Basin

Integration of Surface and Subsurface Previous HitDataNext Hit With New Technologies to Enhance Reservoir Knowledge in Mesozoic Fractured Carbonates Analogues of Mexico

Combining Sea Surface Oil Slicks and Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Imagery to Identify Working Hydrocarbon Plays in Offshore Mexico

Simulation Experiments and Characteristics of Secondary Migration Driving Force of Tight Oil: A Case Study of Jurassic in Middle Sichuan

Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Model Based Preliminary Assessment of Shale Gas Resources. Case Study: Central Part of the Lublin Basin Area, Poland

Oil Field Water Management in North Kuwait

Multiattribute Analysis to Assist Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Interpretation: An Example for a Structurally Complex Onshore Oil Field in Eocene Calcareous Conglomerates Veracruz, Mexico

Depth to Groundwater: Interpolation Techniques Using Large Datasets Previous HitFromNext Hit Groundwater Wells in Louisiana

A New Prospective of US Gulf of Mexico Previous HitfromNext Hit a Large Scale Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Reimaging Project

Back to the Rocks: Framework of Depositional Acmes in Source Rocks of the Gulf of Mexico Basin and North Caribbean Margin

Miocene Current-Modified Submarine Fans

Shale Gas and Shale Oil Identification Through Geophysical Previous HitInversionNext Hit of Well Logs

History of Petroleum Exploration in Trinidad and Tobago

Multi-Attribute Integrated Previous HitDataNext Hit Analysis of the Washout Creek 3C-3D Previous HitDataNext Hit Set: Increasing the Resolution and Resolving Power of Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit

The Tamar Sands of the Deepwater Levant Basin: A World Class Reservoir System

Integrating Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit With Regional Geology and Aeromagnetic Previous HitDataNext Hit to Deduce Basin Evolution: Gulf of Mexico Case Example

Structure and Kinematic Implications of the Western Gulf of Mexico Transform Margin, and the Oxfordian Pre-Drift Reconstruction of Yucatán

Sedimentary Geology and Petroleum Potential of Eocene Foredeep Deposits of the Magallanes Basin, Southern Chile

Optimal Application of Rejuvenation Technologies in Unconventional Plays Based on Sensitivity Analysis of Reservoir Modeling Variables

Hot Black Salsa: A Brief History of Petroleum in Cuba

Impact of Innovative Technologies to Hydrocarbon Exploration

High Resolution, Super Efficient Wide Azimuth Beam Tomography for Velocity Model Building

Shale Gas Potential of the Ordovician-Silurian Complex in the Narol Zone (SE Poland)

The Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous Oil Shales of the Central Mid-Polish Trough

Velocity Modeling in Areas of High Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Complex in the Gulf of Mexico

Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Integration of Previous HitSeismicNext Hit, Well and Gravity Previous HitDataNext Hit for Sub-Salt Modelling, Validated by Drilling

Linking Diagenetic History of Upper Cambrian Microbial Buildups to Genetic Pore Types, and Computed Tomographic Responses Previous HitFromNext Hit Pore to Core, and Log Scales


Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Through Simulation With Integrated Time-Lapse Workflow

Innovative Log Reconstruction Workflows for Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Reservoir Characterisation Through Mitigation of the Challenges of Extremely Sparse Previous HitDataNext Hit Set

Finding the Exploration Sweet Spot — Lessons Learned So Far in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Application of Geostatistical Previous HitInversionNext Hit in the Thin Sand Body Prediction: A Case Study in Yangqian 19 Area, Nanxiang Basin

Porosity Estimation Previous HitfromNext Hit Image Log - Improving Petrophysics Evaluation in Natural Fractured Formation with Low Primary Porosity System

The Equatorial Atlantic: South American Evidence for Early Opening Transpression

Salt Tectonics in the Sivas Basin (Turkey): Outstanding Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Analogues

Frontier Basin Exploration Through Integration of BSR-Derived Geothermal Gradient and CSEM Anomaly-Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Co-Rendering — Foz do Amazonas Basin, Brazil

Evolution of the Magdalena Linked Delta-Submarine Fan in a Tectonically Active Setting, Offshore Colombia

Heat Flow Calculated vs Heat Flow Measured in Gulf of Mexico the Oceanic Crust

Megaflaps and Composite Halokinetic Sequences: Different Scales of Drape Folding adjacent to Salt Diapirs

Processing and Interpretation Considerations for Full Waveform Previous HitInversionNext Hit of PSDM Velocity Fields

Petrophysical Properties Evaluation and Lithology Definition of the Tight Oil Formation in Western Siberia

Reserves Evaluation and Field Development Forecast for Unconventional Oil in Western Siberia


Basement Control in the Deposition of the Basal Sands (Mirador-Carbonera Fms) of the Southeastern Llanos Basin of Colombia and its Implication in the Distribution of Stratigraphic Traps

Time lapse Previous HitSeismicNext Hit, a Journey Trough 20 Years of Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Challenges

Eastern Guyana Shelf Margin Stratigraphic Architecture

Permeability Determination in Carbonate Rocks Integrating Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Acoustic and Formation Test Previous HitDataNext Hit

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Mega Merger and Subsurface Integration Workflow in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Exploration of Hydrocarbons and Mining & Energy Resources Using Non-Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Methods - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology

Clastic Reservoir Quality: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Based on of Field-Sampling, Satellite Mapping, Geodynamic and Provenance Analysis

Geological Implications of Overpressure and Fracture Gradients in Deepwater Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Offshore Malaysia

Nannofossils for Refined Stratigraphic Time Resolution in Mumbai Offshore Basin of India

Advanced CRS Application by Model Based Attribute Guidance

Drainage Systems in Rift Basins: Implications for Reservoir Quality

Stratigraphy, Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Characteristics, and Reservoir Properties of the Desmoinesian Granite Wash, Buffalo Wallow Field Area, Anadarko Basin, Texas

Diagenetic Studies and Its Implications on the Reservoir Character of the Anisian-Norian (Triassic) Kingriali Formation, Salt Range (Pakistan)

Previous HitDataNext Hit Quality Control to Increase Geomechanical Modelling Accuracy

Source Depth Estimation Previous HitFromNext Hit Gravity Previous HitDataNext Hit Over Bihar Mica Belt, India by Continuous Wavelet Transfor

Integrated Interpretation of Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit

A Precursor to the Mexican Offshore: A Post Well Analysis Multidisciplinary Approach for a More Confident Understanding of a Complex Petroleum System

Jurassic Eolian Depositional Systems of the Northern and Southern Gulf of Mexico Compared: Implications for New Exploration and Development

Characterization of the Negative Carbon Isotope Shift in Segment C2 of the Organyà Basin, El Pui Section, Spain; a Potentially Useful Chemostratigraphic Marker Prior to OM-rich Interval Associated with Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a (OAE 1a)

How Variable are Submarine Basin-Floor Lobes in Space and Time?

History of Exploration and Development of the Controversial Giant Poza Rica Field Complex, Tampico-Misantla Basin, Mexico.

The Highest Flow Rate in the World: History of Discovery and Extension of the Golden Lane Trend, Tampico Misantla Basin, Mexico.

Porosity Evolution of Lacustrine Organic-Matter-Rich Shales in Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Integrated Factors Controlling the Characteristics of Tight Oil Reservoir of the Lucaogou Formation in the Jimsar Sag of Junggar Basin, Northwest Previous HitChinaNext Hit

The Evolution of Forebulge Structure of Kuqa Rejuvenated Foreland Basin, North of Tarim Basin, Northwest Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Geophysical Basin Modeling: Velocity Modeling for Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Imaging in Complex Geology Settings 1

Characterization of Small-Scale Cycles of the Vaca Muerta Formation in Short-Cores and Outcrop, Neuquén Basin, Argentina


Understanding the Variation of Fracture Toughness With Sonic and Other Rock Mechanical Properties—Some Laboratory Scale Studies and Their Implications

Automated Early-Arrival Travel Time Tomography Using Full-Azimuth, Long-Offset Dual Coil Previous HitDataNext Hit in U.S. Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Using Surface Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration Too High Grade Areas for Previous HitSeismicNext Hit in Unexplored and Under Explored Basins

Coupling Streamlines With Geomechanics Simulation

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Geomorphology and Characterization of Deep Water Architectural Elements and its Applications in Previous Hit3-DNext Hit modeling: A Case of Study, North Carnarvon Basin Australia

Effect of Diagenesis on Carbonate Ramp Architecture, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico

Regional Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Variability in the Deepwater Salina del Istmo – Impact on Petroleum Systems

Characterization of Reservoir Characterization Uncertainties Previous HitAppliedNext Hit to Previous Hit3-DNext Hit & 4-D Previous HitDataNext Hit

Fine-Grained Deposits Previous HitfromNext Hit Hyperpycnal Flow in Deepwater Basins: Impact on Top Seals in Turbidite Traps, Analogs and Examples

Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Stratigraphy of Cenozoic Deposits in Salaverry Forearc Basin, Peru: New Insights in Assessing Potential Reservoirs and Plays

Integrated Analysis of Six Major U.S. Shale Gas Basins and Shale Oil Basins: Work Flow, Geology and Original Resource in Place

Factors Controlling Sedimentary and Petroleum System of Early Syn-Rift Plays in Faulted Margin of Continental Rift Basin: An Example in the Eastern Edge of Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam


Previous HitStructuralNext Hit Styles and History of Exploration in the Wilcox Formation in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

Facies and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval in Leon, Madison, Grimes and Brazos Counties, Texas.

Clastic Reservoir Position and Composition Prediction — Application to the Western Gulf of Mexico

Importance of Collecting Dimensional Information Previous HitFromNext Hit Modern Analogs for Use in Ancient Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

Implications of Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attribute Computations Previous HitFromNext Hit Depth-Migrated Previous HitDataNext Hit

Subsalt Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Imaging Advances in the Mexican Petroleum Provinces

The Oil Charge Enigma of the Tampico-Misantla Basin: Where and When did the “160 Billion bbls Oil-in-Place Discovered to Date” Migrate Previous HitFromNext Hit?

Application of Simultaneous-Stochastic Previous HitInversionNext Hit to Define the Reservoir Architecture in a Complex Heavy-Oil Province

The Pimienta Formation as a Self-Sourced Unconventional Play in Tampico-Misantla Basin, Onshore Mexico

Salt Tectonics Versus Evaporite Tectonics in Southeast Mexico

Origin and Spatial Temporal Distribution of Clay Coatings in Shallow Marine Clastic Deposits: Insights Previous HitFromNext Hit a Modern Estuarine Reservoir Analog (Gironde Estuary, France)

Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attributes and Lithofacies Analysis: The Morrison NE Field and Morrison Field, Clark County, KS


Applying Digital Rock Characterization to a New North American Basin Shale Play

Integrated Application of LWD Electrical Images to Drilling, Geosteering and Real-Time Formation Evaluation: A Case Study Previous HitFromNext Hit the Precambrian Dengying Formation, Central Sichuan Basin of Previous HitChinaNext Hit

The Influence of Offset and Gouge on Permeability in Macro-Fractured Basalt

Ultra-Deep Fractured Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs: Characteristics and Quantitative Evaluation of Fractures in the Lower Cretaceous, Keshen Gas Field Tarim Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Uncertainty Estimation in the Volume of Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir: A Case Study Previous HitFromNext Hit Sulige Field, Ordos Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Automatic, Geological Layer-Constrained Previous HitSeismicNext Hit-Well Tie Through Blocked Dynamic Warping

The Genetic Mechanism of Lower Cretaceous Red Beds in North Yellow Sea Basin

Depositional Characteristics of Gravity Flow and Its Geologic Significance of the Continental Fault Basins: A Case at the Third Member of Shahejie Formation in Maozhou Area of Baxian Depression, Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Genetic Origin of Gas and its Effect on Hydrocarbon Property in the Ordovician of Tazhong Area Tarim Basin, NW Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Hydrocarbon Migration Along the Fault Intersection Zone—A Case Study on the Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs in the Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin, NW Previous HitChinaNext Hit

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Sedimentary Evolution of Niubao Formation in Lunpola Basin, Central Tibet

Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Reservoirs, Northern Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Traps, Northern Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

A Brief History of the Exploration History of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Exploring the Thin Talangakar Formation Sandstone Using Integrated Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Multi-Attribute Analysis and Spectral Decomposition in Kuang Area, South Sumatra Basin

Improved Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Imaging of the Sub-Salt Logan Reservoir: Ultra Deep Water Setting in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

Recent Advances and Experiences in Subsalt Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Imaging

Deepwater Exploration and Production in Crisis — Impact and Solutions

Experiments and Characteristic Analysis of Mud Filtrate Invasion in Low Porosity and Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir


Carbonate Reservoir Within the Ordovician in the Dongpu Area, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern Previous HitChinaNext Hit: Diagenesis and Diagenetic Evolution

Sedimentary Model and Reservoir Distribution of Cambrian Evaporite-Carbonate Paragenesis in the Sichuan Basin

Integrated Study of Dolomitization in an Evaporite Platform Evidenced by Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit and Rock Analysis: Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation in Longgang Area, Sichuan Basin, Previous HitChinaNext Hit


Shale Gas/Oil Reservoir Previous HitSeismicTop Characterization for the Mexican Eagle Ford in the Galaxia Project