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AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition

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Characterization of Reservoir Characterization Uncertainties Previous HitAppliedNext Hit to Previous Hit3-DNext Hit & 4-D Previous HitDataNext Hit



Wells and Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitdataNext Hit are the most common sources of information used to characterize reservoirs in the oil and gas industry. The traditional role assigned to Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitinversionNext Hit is to combine these Previous HitdataNext Hit with prior geological knowledge in order to provide the most relevant image of the reservoir which will enable the best possible reservoir management.

Unfortunately, our Previous HitdataNext Hit are sparse, have a limited resolution and are uncertain, therefore, what we should be looking at, is more to provide a set of realizations of the reservoir that covers the range of possibilities, than solely to produce the “best” possible image.

I will focus on the elastic Previous HitinversionNext Hit process Previous HitappliedNext Hit to 3D & 4D Previous HitdataNext Hit which extracts elastic parameters Previous HitfromNext Hit Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitdataNext Hit and well information and I will examine what are the key factors that influence the Previous HitinversionTop results.

I will show on various 3D & 4D examples of different geological contexts what are the main sources of uncertainties and what are their real impact on Reservoir Characterization.