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The Merits of Unmanned Gas Logging

Jay Leeper¹

¹Remote Gas Analysis & Logging Services


Even in today's booming oil and gas economy, companies are searching for new and innovative ways to cut costs and maximize profitability. One particular area of interest is the feasibility and application of unmanned gas logging for infill drilling. Like most companies offering unmanned gas logging, RGA provides objective and reliable "real-time" information that allows a geologist/engineer to efficiently monitor and assess multiple wells. Two chromatographs successfully used in unmanned gas logging, the iBall Bloodhound and Pason Gas Analyzer, must be subjected to rigorous testing to ensure correct and consistent data before being installed on the well site. Side-by-side comparison of unmanned gas logs and on-site mudlogging gas data suggest that the unmanned gas log data may not only be comparable to on-site mudlogging gas data, but in some cases objectively superior in detecting trace gasses. The low costs and high accuracy of unmanned gas logging provides companies, geologists, and engineers with an ideal, efficient, and technology driven solution to the cost-profit problem faced by all.


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