--> --> Abstract: Attenuating Internal Multiples by Filtering Planar Events: Examples from Onshore Oman, by M. Retailleau, T. Wah Hong, P. Hugonnet, H. Farran, J. Shorter, and B. Michels, #90188 (2014)
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Attenuating Internal Multiples by Filtering Planar Events: Previous HitExamplesNext Hit from Onshore Oman

M. Retailleau1, T. Wah Hong1, P. Hugonnet1, H. Farran2, J. Shorter2, and B. Michels2

2Petroleum Development Oman


An advanced 3D dip filtering technique is presented as a tool for internal multiple attenuation. The Previous HitdataNext Hit are locally decomposed into a few superposed planar events, which are classified and separated according to their dips and which can be selectively reconstructed. The process is adaptive and iterative, which enables the extraction of hardly detectable wave Previous HitfieldNext Hit components. Thus it can take advantage of any dip discrimination between the signal (primaries) and the noise (multiples) in a given domain. It is applicable to post stack or pre stack volumes, in the 3D bin or 3D offset domains, and can be combined with other multiple attenuation techniques.


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