--> --> Abstract: Seismic Attenuation from Vertical Seismic Profiling and Log Data Analysis: A Multi-Well Study, by R. Pevzner, A. Alasbali, R. Galvin, B. Gurevich, and T. Mueller, #90188 (2014)
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Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attenuation from Vertical Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Profiling and Log Data Analysis: A Multi-Well Study

R. Pevzner1, A. Alasbali1, R. Galvin1, B. Gurevich1, and T. Mueller2

1Curtin University


All methods for quantitative interpretation of Previous HitseismicNext Hit data are based on the analysis of amplitudes of Previous HitseismicNext Hit (reflected) waves. Previous HitSeismicNext Hit attenuation along the ray path of a wave significantly affects this amplitude information. As such, understanding of this phenomenon has a huge impact for the industry. On top of that, Previous HitseismicTop attenuation is a useful attribute by itself applicable for overpressure predictions (Domnesteanu et al. 2002) in oil & gas exploration or as a proxy for shear/heavily faulted zones in mineral exploration.


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