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Investigating Tectonic Controls, Fault Interaction and linkage within the Muglad Rift Basin Greater Sudan

A. Babiker1 and D. Paton2

1Viking Geoscience Limited
2University of Leeds


In Muglad basin where more than 90% of the petroleum exploration discoveries are associated with structural traps and its closely linked with gravity high anomalies, For better understands this relation, Authors investigating the development and evolution of regional and local tectonic prospective of Muglad rift basin and it is subsequence fault architecture and sedimentation.

The global plate movements, changes and interactions has great influence in initiation and evolution of West and Central African Rift System (WCAR), As result of these interaction significant changes to the orientation and magnitude of the African stress field, which in turn has controlled the development of the rift system (Fairhead, et al 2012), and as Muglad basin is a part of this system we investigates the regional structural prospective of West and Central African Rift basins.


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