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Subdivisions in the Mid-­Continent Mississippian Horizontal Previous HitPlayNext Hit in Kansas

Preston Doll
Geosciences, Oklahoma State University, 820 S. Hall, Stillwater, OK 74074
[email protected]

The principle objective of this study is to determine subdivisions within the Mid-Continent Mississippian Horizontal Previous HitPlayNext Hit in Kansas to more easily define the Previous HitplayNext Hit. The high variability of the Mississippian in Kansas caused by the regional unconformity at the top of the Mississippian and the truncation of the Mississippian against the Central Kansas Uplift warrants the subdividing of the Previous HitplayNext Hit. Thus far there have been three distinct divisions identified and defined by their locations and trends in production. There have also been three additional divisions that have been identified but require more data to refine the division. The eventual release of well cuttings, cores, and well logs will allow for a more complete Previous HitanalysisTop of the geology.

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