--> Abstract: Depth-Registration of 9C-3D Seismic Data in Stephens County, Oklahoma, by Mustafa Al-Waily and Bob Hardage; #90182 (2013)

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Depth-Registration of 9C-3D Seismic Data in Stephens County, Oklahoma

Mustafa Al-Waily and Bob Hardage
The University of Texas at Austin

Multicomponent seismic techniques improve imaging by providing additional information about subsurface characteristics. It delivers different images of the same subsurface using multiple waveforms. Compressional and shear waves perceive lithology and fluid variations differently, providing independent measurements of reservoir rock and fluid properties.

Joint interpretation of multiple component images requires the events to be aligned in depth. The process of identifying and registering (matching) events from similar reflectors is called depth-registration. I will focus on depthregistration of a 9-component 3-dimensional seismic dataset targeting the Sycamore formation in Stephens County, Oklahoma. The survey area is 16 square miles located in Sho-Vel-Tum oilfield. Processed compressional-, radialshear, and transverse-shear wave data are used in post-stack analysis.

The data are located in a complexly folded and faulted area in the northwest part of the Ardmore basin, between the eastern Arbuckle Mountains and the western Wichita Mountains. Large hydrocarbon volumes are produced from stratigraphic traps, fault closures, anticlines, and combination traps. Sho- Vel-Tum was ranked 31st in terms of proved oil reserves by a 2009 survey.

I will present several methods to interpret and verify the accuracy of eventregistration, including structural and well log interpretation, and geologic analysis of the study area. Other seismic attributes like Vp/Vs ratio, Poisson’s ratio, reflection amplitude extraction, in addition to production and well data, will provide further information about hydrocarbon distribution and reservoir compartmentalization. Moreover, a detailed drilling plan will be suggested which may significantly increase the drilling success in this complex oil and gas reservoir.

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