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Characterizing Previous HitUnconventionalNext Hit Resource Potential in Colombia; A Digital Rock Physics Project

Joel Walls

This four month project involved detailed analysis of slabbed core from 6 basins in Colombia. The majority of the core came from the Llanos, Middle Magdalena, and Catatumbo basins. The overall analytical program consisted of;

Phase 1: Whole Core X-ray CT Imaging, Total Core Scanned:

  • 31,058 ft, 139 wells
  • Phase 2 & 3: Previous HitUnconventionalNext Hit Rock Quality Workflow MicroCT & 2D SEM analysis was performed on 65 wells (4357 plugs, 87000+ 2D SEM images analyzed) Top 3 basins analyzed:

  • Catatumbo (1709 plugs)
  • Llanos (842 plugs)
  • Middle Magdalena Valley (803 plugs)

  • 3D FIB-SEM analysis was performed on 453 samples. Top 3 basins analyzed
  • Catatumbo Basin (141 poro-perm samples)
  • Middle Magdalena Valley (220 poro-perm analyses)
  • Llanos Basin (56 poro-perm samples)
  • In addition, the core data was Previous HitintegratedNext Hit with well log data for about 134 wells in order to develop and refine a petrophysical model for Previous HitunconventionalNext Hit Previous HitresourcesNext Hit. This presentation will show some of the results and discuss the implications for shale resource potential from these basins.

    AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90185 © AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop, Revisiting Reservoir Quality Issues in Previous HitUnconventionalNext Hit and Conventional Previous HitResourcesTop, Austin, Texas, November 12-13, 2013