--> --> Abstract: Big Data Analytics in Oil and Gas; Reservoir Characterization and Field Development, by Adam Farris; #90178 (2013)
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Big Previous HitDataNext Hit Analytics in Oil and Gas; Reservoir Characterization and Previous HitFieldNext Hit Development

Adam Farris

The medical, retail, and internet industries are well on their way to seeing the benefits of advanced analytics on the vast amounts of Previous HitdataNext Hit they are generating. What will the benefits to the Oil and Gas industry be? Faster reservoir characterization? Better stimulation design? Previous HitFieldNext Hit development improvement and reserve growth? This discussion will try to capture the benefit other industries have seen from big Previous HitdataNext Hit analytics, explore Previous HitexamplesNext Hit of how it can expand common reservoir characterization and Previous HitfieldNext Hit development efforts, and propose a plan to get started.

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