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Depositional History and Stratigraphy of the Navarro Formation in the Minerva-Rockdale Oil Field, Milam County, TX

Adam Martin and Christopher Liner

First discovered in 1921, the Minerva-Rockdale Oil Field has experienced a recent resurgence of drilling. The targeted Upper Cretaceous Navarro Formation consists of a number of coarsening-up sequences at shallow in depths ranging from 300 to 1300+ feet. Due to low drilling cost and the relatively high price of oil, a recent resurgence has sparked academic and industrial interest. The few previous regional studies have left a vague understanding of the depositional and stratigraphic framework. The purpose of this project is to perform a regional subsurface study of the Upper Cretaceous Navarro Formation to produce a high resolution sequence stratigraphic overview. Digital logs and sidewall cores provided by current operators, as well as raster logs obtained from a commercial database, will help reconstruct the depositional system of the area. The dataset consists of over 100 wells containing mostly gamma ray, induction, bulk density, neutron porosity, density porosity, and spontaneous potential logs. This study may provide insight valuable for high-grading zones within the Navarro Formation, allowing for reduced risk in drilling and production. 

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