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Online Development of New Kansas Type Logs

Paul Gerlach

The Kansas Geologic Society in 1961 produced a multi-volume set of "Type Logs" for western Kansas. This publication documented the geologic formations between counties in western Kansas with the best well log data available at the time. This effort was unique in its service to the geologic community for well over a half century. With advances in well logging, refinement in stratigraphic classification and nomenclature, collaborating with industry experts through the Kansas Geological Society, and software developed through a U.S. DOE contract to evaluate carbon utilization and storage(CCUS) in Kansas, an online digital type log enterprise has been developed dedicated to Bob Slamal, a Wichita geologist who championed assimilation of data and advancing subsurface correlations in Kansas. The online Java application provides: 1) organization and access to digital information from key wells and measured surface type sections, 2) development of a digital stratigraphic column and 3) allows interactive development by the user of cross sections conveying lithology computed from the logs and stratigraphic datums. The application shares context information to facilitate peer review. The online application allows multiple authors supported by at least three peer reviews to correlate formations between "Candidate Type Logs" and existing "Type Logs". The resulting outputs are both digital and paper. The Kansas Geological Survey will provide access to the Type Wells via an interactive subsurface mapper. The mapper will convey both well and map information developed for the DOE supported CCUS project. Additional Java applications are also available to assist in analysis of the type logs. The Kansas Geological Society will distribute a compiled DVD of Type Wells. 

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