--> Abstract: Atchafalaya Bay Field--Raised from the Ashes, by Carlo Christina and Kevin Trosclair; #90167 (2013)

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Atchafalaya Bay Field--Raised from the Ashes

Carlo Christina and Kevin Trosclair
[email protected]

Atchafalaya Bay Field was raised from the ashes with the completion of the Phoenix Energy #1 SL 20035, flowing 10,500 million cubic feet gas and 120 barrels of condensate per day on Sept. 28, 2009. Atchafalaya Bay Field was discovered in 1951 and had produced for 55 years, having produced more than 88 billion cubic feet of gas and 2,398,000 barrels of condensate before going off production in 2005. Of the 43 wells drilled within the field, 19 found production from multiple horizons between 11,000 feet and 17,500 feet in sands from Tex L to Upper Cib op in age. For 4 years the field laid inactive until new leases were taken in 2009. Since then, deeper production was found by 5 high volume gas wells that were drilled and completed in multiple middle & lower Cib op sands. These completions not only restored production to the old field, but also vaulted it to the number one ranked gas field in production in 2011 in South Louisiana, Onshore, producing 14.6 billion cubic feet gas for the year. This resurrection began on March 9, 2009 with the acquisition of a state lease containing 675 acres, at a cost of $296,000. Additional leases were acquired, with total acreage covering 2706 acres, at a total cost of $1,144,902. In October 2012, the 5 wells produced 86 million cubic feet of gas and 393 barrels of condensate per day and had produced 35.4 billion cubic feet gas and 183,514 barrels of condensate.

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