--> --> Abstract: Feasibility Geological Analysis for Medium Oil Recovery by SP Flooding in Lagunillas Inferior Member, by Torres, Rosaura C. and Mousalli, Victoria; #90166 (2013)

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Feasibility Geological Analysis for Medium Oil Recovery by SP Flooding in Lagunillas Inferior Member

Torres, Rosaura C.1 and Mousalli, Victoria
1[email protected]

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with chemical additives, is a technique that has been used in Venezuela actively to recover the percentage of residual oil, both financially and energetically necessary, though, is very common after execution years of implementation of secondary methods such as water injection (preferably) for it to be added to this series of chemicals such as surfactants and polymers, leaving aside the alkali or alkaline solutions for the problems presented in addition to the years research that still lies ahead. The purpose of the injection of surfactants and polymers is to increase the recovery rate of up to 60 or 70%, by the simultaneous interaction of the elements in balance oil-water-surfactant (petroleum sulfonates), which makes being altered capillary forces retaining the oil in the reservoir, decreasing the interfacial tension through the 'optimum formulation' and the push for increased water viscosity given by the water-soluble surfactant (polyacrylamide). Now, in addition to present a higher residual oil recovery, chemical additives are affected by a number of factors within the porous medium such as, adsorption, cation exchange, degradation, retention, etc.., due to clay content, the temperature, salinity and reservoir pressure, concentration of the chemical to be used, apart from petroleum chemistry. Finally, taking into account all relevant aspects of the porous media and chemical additives studied documentary, one can say that its implementation is possible in the field belonging to Lagunillas specific training in the sands of the Member Lagunillas Inferior, well considered its structure geological, since the fluid could go for preferential paths representing economic losses for the country and the company responsible for its execution. Furthermore, it is advisable to use alcohol to condition the reservoir and thus, reduce concentrations of chemicals mainly by adsorption. Also, further studies are needed to fund together with chemical laboratory, petroleum engineers, geologists and reservoir to be successful implementation.


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