--> --> Abstract: Recent Discoveries in the Perdido Fold Belt and Salina del Bravo Provinces, by Teran-Garcia, Manuel and Martinez-Vazquez, Trinidad; #90166 (2013)
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Recent Discoveries in the Perdido Fold Belt and Salina del Bravo Provinces

Teran-Garcia, Manuel1 and Martinez-Vazquez, Trinidad
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Based on an exploratory strategy and business plan, Pemex Exploration and Production, through an intensive prospecting campaign, has undertaken the task of drilling in the Mexican part of the deep water Gulf of Mexico to assess the oil-economic potential in this great petroleum province.

This presentation focuses on the evolution and recent exploration results in the Perdido Fold Belt and Salina del Bravo provinces, located in the northwestern area of the Gulf of Mexico. The latter province is divided in two sectors: Subsalt Belt and Salt Mini basins.

Since 1993, regional studies have been conducted such as: seafloor sampling, gathering of geophysical data, etc., in order to establish the regional geological frame, assess the maturity conditions and the trapping of the hydrocarbons. The integration and interpretation of the geological, geophysical and production data of the analogous fields, have allowed the creation of an exploratory strategy in the project, primarily in two of the main Plays: Lower Eocene and Oligocene.

Campaigns of gravimetric and Previous HitmagnetometricTop studies, 2D seismic acquisition and more recent 3D WAZ seismic on more than 22,000 km² focused on the image improvement below the salt bodies, processing of images in depth, integral studies of Plays and Prospects, and emerging applications of technology such as electromagnetic studies. Additionally, a critical evaluation of the portfolio has been able to justify a significant drilling commitment with sixth generation equipment.

The initial results of Trion-1 and Supremus-1 wells in 2012 were very positive. Both conducted formation tests, with MDT, XPT and Mini DST, and proved the presence of oil and the performance of the oil system in the Tertiary column in the geological provinces of the Perdido Fold Belt. This encourages future investment on exploration and production in a huge area of 40,000 km², with the strategic vision of contributing to achieve reserve replacement in excess of 100% annually.

These results and the large associated investment required, force us to seek and use new methods and technology of exploration, exploitation and development of the hydrocarbons in these deep and ultra-deep waters. It is critical to shorten the cycle time from discovery to delineation to development of these fields to maximize economic returns.


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