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Automated Robot to Support CSR Program: Protecting Local Civilian, Company Assets, and Operations From Landslide Disaster

Stefano, Alfredo D.1; Ansori, Ahmad Z.; Nugraha, Aditya S.; and Nazar, Mohamad A.
1[email protected]

Indonesia is one of developing country in South East Asia who rich in oil, the lead oil producer in the region. This country having tropical climate that affects the environmental and hazard aspect. Mass movement, mainly land-slide is became problem in some oil field areas. The corporate social responsibility of oil and gas industry could provide answer and give significant help to the land-slide disaster mitigation program. However, nowadays corporate social responsibility mainly concerns to the economical aspect, not the safety factor for citizen who live near the oil and gas field. An automated landslide detection robot powered by Short Message Service (SMS) warning has been built to challenge the CSR scheme. The concept of this robot is to install landslide detection equipment in landslide-prone locations at specific depths. This tool has a wire lever in direct contact with the potentiometer censor. Furthermore, the data processed by the Minimum System ATMEGA 32 and further forwarded by SIM300C GSM module to send SMS to the Community. Not only acted as new CSR scheme that protect the community, this robot could also help to protect the company assets and operation. Keywords: CSR, Landslide, Minimum System ATMEGA 32, SMS (Short Message Service)


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