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The Paleomorphology Reconstruction of The Fluvio-deltaic Sand to Aid a Realistic Geological Model Development, North Kutai Lama field, Indonesia

Siregar, Daniel; Sumarni, Titin; and Septama, Erlangga1
1[email protected]

One of the most prolific hydrocarbons bearing sand in North Kutai Lama (NKL) field, Kalimantan, Indonesia is the Balikpapan Group, which is characterized by discontinuous multi-layered sands that was deposited in upper delta plain during the mid to late Miocene and had been attributed to fluvio-deltaic, estuarine and/or tidal depositional settings. In-deep knowledge about the sand distribution, geometry, internal architecture and connectivity is crucial for a successful reservoir management and field development scheme for this complex setting.

Our study was using a paleomorphology reconstruction approach to construct a realistic geological model. The model was developed vertically by gamma-ray log time slice, constrained laterally by multi-attribute and neural network analysis of 3D seismic data. The thickness restoration is performed to interpret the paleo-depositional setting and flow direction. The comparative outcrop study was used as a guide to the internal architecture of the model. The data were included wireline log data, formation test, well test data, borehole imaging, dip-meter, sidewall cores and ditch cuttings from ten key wells, and 3D seismic volume.

The study defines three major reservoir sands interpreted as pointbar and amalgamated crevasse splay (A-25, C-13, and D-11 layers). The integral analysis between the model and well productivity test shows that several wells have a poor communication probably due to the facies change, and/or the restriction from the internal sedimentary architecture (e.g. lateral accretion, coal clast, or laminated shale in off-axis channel). In the plan of further development (POFD) this study could aid a better infill well placement.


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