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Geology, Morphology Analysis and the Application for Land Use and Environmental Management in Plantage Case

Setiawan, Afrizon1 and Ladiba, Ayuta F.
1[email protected]

"A good land use management is one of method to conserve our environment. Geology as base of earth science have important point of view to determine a good ways in land use management, grounded on some geological parameters in certain area. Some parameters used for land use utilization are: morphology, rock condition or lithology, local structural geology, and land condition. Study area is located at Kamal village and surrounding area, , Brebes District, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The Kamal Area located at 108 53' 26.4" - 108 55' 22.1" East Longitude and 07 2' 30" – 07 5' 16.2" South Latitude is being the object of the research because it has variation of morphology such as valley, mountain range, ridge, and plain. This study aim to know about geological feature and correlate it to landuse aspect in plantage case. The methods used are: field observation, satelite image analysis, and generate land use map. Land use map of the study area is derived using weighted value analysis. Five parameters such as slope , lithology, morphology, land wetness, and vegetation density are used in the analysis. As the result, there are four categories of land zone for evaluation purpose in plantation, which are very good zone , good zone, poor zone, and very poor zone. Keywords: Land use, Brebes, morphology, weighted value analysis. "


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