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Well Log Correlation of the Wilcox Group, San Jacinto County, Texas

Taylor A. Ewald and Joseph I. Satterfield
Department of Physics and Geosciences, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX

Well log correlation throughout San Jacinto County reveals details of Wilcox Group deltaic sandstones within the Cold Spring Field. In this region hydrocarbons are trapped in rollover anticlines along the Wilcox growth-fault zone (Guevara and Grigsby, 1992). Reservoirs are Paleocene to lower Eocene Wilcox Group distributary-channel, channel-mouth-bar, and delta front sandstone facies (Guevara and Grigsby 1992). From 1993 - 2011 the Cold Spring Field produced 33.5 BCF of gas and over 1.7 million barrels of condensate ( The study area is geographically located in San Jacinto County and stretches from Maynard in the west to Coldspring and Shepherd in the east. Gamma ray, SP, and neutron density logs were utilized to construct NE-SW and NW-SE structural cross-sections. Correlations show west-dipping Yegua and Wilcox horizons. Future work will include constructing structure maps, isopach maps, net sand maps, and additional cross sections to delineate structures and to test and refine depositional models.


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