--> --> Abstract: Petroelastic Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Modelling in the Vienna Basin, by Koenig, Michael; Angerer, Erika; Rieser, Erwin; Korinek, Rudolf; #90163 (2013)
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Petroelastic Seismic Previous HitInversionNext Hit for Reservoir Modelling in the Vienna Basin

Koenig, Michael; Angerer, Erika; Rieser, Erwin; Korinek, Rudolf

The Vienna Basin is an extensional Basin between the Eastern Alps and the Western Carpathians with mainly siliciclastic oil and gas reservoirs. One example is the Erdpress structure. Several multi-stacked reservoir units form 3-way-dip closures within the Neogene sediment succession. The geological static reservoir model of Erdpress includes 10 of these units. A petroelastic seismic Previous HitinversionNext Hit was conducted on the prestack depth migrated seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit in order to be able to quantitatively derive essential reservoir parameters like porosity, shale content, and hydrocarbon saturations. A petroelastic model (PEM) is built from well log Previous HitdataNext Hit that links these reservoir parameters with the elastic rock properties, P-wave velocity, shear-wave velocity and density, which are measured by the seismic. The seismic Previous HitinversionNext Hit directly gives the reservoir parameters via the inbuilt PEM. Further, the Previous HitinversionNext Hit results are output directly in a reservoir grid so that these can be used in the Previous HitmodelingNext Hit. In the Erdpress field the petroelastic Previous HitinversionNext Hit yielded excellent results, especially for porosity that were checked along the well locations. Known geological trends were also reflected in the Previous HitinversionNext Hit results. These were then integrated into the static reservoir model. The previous reservoir model had mainly been based on geostatistical Previous HitmethodsNext Hit and geological concepts. By using the seismic Previous HitinversionNext Hit results to populate the properties of the model it is now a much more Previous HitdataNext Hit driven, deterministic reservoir model which gives much better results in the reservoir simulation. Further, the petroelastic results formed an integral part in the next well planning campaign.


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