--> --> Abstract: Basin Evolution and HC Plays in Albania, by Roland Barbullushi; #90161 (2013)

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Basin Evolution and HC Plays in Albania

Roland Barbullushi

Albanian foreland fold and thrust belt comprises Mesozoic - Eocene carbonate sequences incorporated into three major Tertiary thrust sheets verging towards the Apulia foreland in the southwest. Interpretation of a seismic profiles and kinematic data demonstrates that significant along - strike changes characterize the subsurface geometry of the thrust sheets. The Permo-Triassic evaporites facilitated their buttressing against a buffer zone in the Apulian foreland primarily within an orthogonal compressional regime. Regional clockwise rotation about a pivot point to the north may have provided a transpressional component along the thrusts. Preexisting normal faults played a significant role in thrusting and accomodation of the strain partitioning. The main structural events included thin-skinned thrusting during Oligocene – Aquitaniane, formation of a buffer zone in the foreland during the Burdigalian and subsequent thrust - buttressing during the Miocene. Post – Pliocene deformation occurs in the foredeep basin.

Oil and gas was accumulated in carbonate and clastic plays. The carbonate play comprises Upper Cretaceous- Eocene deep-water carbonate reservoirs in fault controlled anticlines sealed by Oligocene flysch and charged from the Mesozoic source rocks. There are two main types of carbonate play: (a) heavy oil reservoirs charged during the Serravalian, and; (b) light oil and condensate reservoirs charged during post-Pliocene time. The clastic play comprises Tortonian-Messinian reservoirs in Tortonian-Messinian sand pinch-outs and sand lenses sealed by intraformational Tortonian-Messinian shales. There are two main types of clastic play: (a) those charged by Mesozoic deep water carbonate rocks such, and; (b) those charged by the terrigeneous source rocks of the foreland basin.

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