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From 0–60 in Ninety Days: Rapid Play Entry to Fully Integrated Play Development in the Eagle Ford Trend, South-Central Texas

Eddie Valek
Marathon Oil, Houston, Texas 77056

In October 2011, Marathon Oil Company made a significant acreage acquisition in the fast-developing Eagle Ford play in south-central Texas. With only ninety days from purchase to full ownership, the time to maximize understanding of the play and to prepare for full operations was limited. Immediately, the word “integration” took on new meaning and crossed many disciplines. The newly-formed Eagle Ford team accepted the challenge and in three months had completed the play evaluation, formulated a development plan, and positioned Marathon Oil to be fully operational across this new large acreage position. In this discussion, we intend to highlight the challenges Marathon faced in this new entry to the Eagle Ford. A fully integrated team of professionals from multiple disciplines approached the play from every angle but with a singular goal, and with some unconventional thinking in this unconventional play, we went from 0–60 in just ninety days.


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