--> ABSTRACT: Methane Hydrates Probable Cause for BP Gulf Spill, by Collin Moore; #90158 (2012)

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Methane Hydrates Probable Cause for BP Gulf Spill

Collin Moore
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas 77320

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico impacted the wildlife and people in the large spill area. In this presentation, we discuss a theory that methane hydrates contributed to the BP oil spill. Methane hydrates exist in areas resembling the drill site, due to their formation properties and where they tend to rest on the ocean floor. There are many facts, scientific data, and studies that support this theory and are presented. Scientific evidence, as well as evidence from the spill site and from the companies involved in the spill are observed. What are methane hydrates, how they form, where they form and where they deform are observed to fully understand how methane hydrates might have possibly caused the explosion thus causing the spill. All evidence, facts, studies and theories were drawn by intensive research. The results from research may prove an answer for the cause of biological disaster. This paper presents a possible explanation to the cause of the BP oil spill that needs to be further analyzed in hopes of leading to a solution in prevention of similar occurrences.


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