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Unconventional Previous HitPlayNext Hit Potential in Northern Mexico

Ricardo Martínez-Sierra Ricardo, Tellez Mariano, Mario Aranda-Garcia, Juan R. Román, and Alejandro Sosa-Patrón
Pemex PEP

Prospecting area for an Upper Cretaceous gas-shale unconventional Previous HitplayNext Hit with a close analogue from U.S. is located at the border in northern Mexico, which can extend toward south Tamaulipas state.

An Upper Jurassic gas Previous HitplayNext Hit is a present an exploratory objective in the Sabinas Basin, but a Upper Jurassic La Casita gas-shale unconventional Previous HitplayNext Hit is on early evaluation, an equivalent to Haynesville gas-shale from the southern U.S.

Updating the geological framework under a gas-shale approach was made considering subsurface data to know elements and processes of the Eagle Ford petroleum system and distinguish Previous HitplayNext Hit segments to define an exploratory strategy. Same Previous HitanalysisNext Hit is in progress for La Casita gas-shale.

U.S. Eagle Ford units are identified and mapped in Mexico based on stratigraphy, lithofacies, and geochemical characteristics. Petroleum system modeling and maturity data indicates generation windows in the U.S. project into Mexican territory. Exploratory targets are in the lower unit due to its high values of total organic content in the shale.

Risk Previous HitanalysisNext Hit and mapping identified 12 paly segments for the lower unit and nine Previous HitplayNext Hit segments for the upper unit. Four sectors are the high potential targets to test commerciality of Eagle Ford gas-shale Previous HitplayNext Hit.

The first gas-shale pilot well is under completion, with gas production from the lower unit of Eagle Ford. Final gas production will be used to estimate volumetric and uncertainty of gas-shale resources in this segment of the Previous HitplayTop.


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