--> ABSTRACT: Using Integrated Data Solutions to Optimize Shale Field Development, by Blue, Dale; Dusterhoft, Ron; Hohman, Jennifer; #90155 (2012)

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Using Integrated Data Solutions to Optimize Shale Field Development

Blue, Dale; Dusterhoft, Ron; Hohman, Jennifer
Halliburton, Houston, TX.

To help overcome the many challenges associated with developing unconventional reservoirs, an oilfield services company has developed a multi-disciplinary workflow that integrates information throughout the Shale Field Development lifecycle, from sub-surface modeling to production and economic evaluation. It was recognized at the beginning of this project that developing a robust data management solution would be essential to success. Shale Field Development data management is somewhat unique in that it requires integration of data from a broad range of activities and data providers that are not typically used within an integrated framework for conventional E&P activities. This paper describes the detailed analysis of current workflows and challenges encountered when accessing and using the required data. The paper also discusses a data management solution being developed as a system to integrate data from a number of different internal and external service providers. The solution makes data accessible to multiple users in diverse technical disciplines to enable a holistic integrated asset approach to Shale Field Development.


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