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Preliminary Results from the TriCarb Deep Stratigraphic Well Drilled into the Newark Rift Basin, Rockland County, NY

Brian Slater and Langhorne Smith
New York State Museum, Albany, NY, [email protected], [email protected]

The TriCarb Consortium for Carbon Sequestration (TCCS) is a partnership consisting of researchers from industry, academia, and government with a common interest in CO2 sequestration. As part of their ongoing attempt to characterize the sequestration potential of the Newark Rift Basin, the TCCS oversaw the citing, permitting, and drilling of a deep stratigraphic well at the northern tip of the basin, in Rockland County, New York. This well penetrated the Late Triassic Passaic Formation as well as the full thickness of the Palisades Sill, reaching a total depth of 6,881 feet. Data acquired from this well includes over 150 feet of continuous core, 50 sidewall cores, and a full suite of wireline logs (PEX, ECS, HRLA, DSI, and FMI). Sample depths were chosen to acquire specimens from both potential cap rocks and porous intervals. Porosity, permeability, and mineralogy analyses have been run on sidewall cores as well as samples from the whole core. Thinsections were also made from each sample and used to compliment core description and log interpretations. Preliminary results suggest that there are may be several intervals that meet the criteria for sequestration of supercritical carbon dioxide.


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