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Petrophysical Analysis of the Lower Silurian Tuscarora Sandstone: an Emphasis on Geologic Carbon Storage in West Virginia, Central Appalachian basin

Christian T. Kramer and Dr. Timothy R. Carr
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, [email protected], [email protected]

Evaluation of the regional resource potential for geologic storage of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, primarily CO2 is an essential first step in developing policies for carbon management. Within the central Appalachian basin, the Lower Silurian Tuscarora Sandstone, a gas producing anticlinal play has been identified as a potential CO2 storage target. The Tuscarora extends from New York to Tennessee and is dominantly a white to light-gray, silica-cemented orthoquartzite deposited in a fluvial and/or littoral environment. The objective of this study is to analyze the Tuscarora Sandstone in West Virginia to determine its potential for geologic storage of CO2, as well as using additional new well data to develop a sequence stratigraphic framework to better understand the depositional environment and the effect on regional reservoir quality. A regional network of wells with wireline logs was used to create a digital regional dataset for the construction of cross-sections and maps (e.g., structure, isopach, porosity, and pore-feet) for individual depositional packages. CO2 storage resource volume is dependent on geologic properties (e.g., area, thickness, porosity, pressure, water saturation, temperature and efficiency). Data was collected and regional storage resource volumes were computed. Available core data was assembled and integrated to confirm and enhance log-based interpretations. The regions of West Virginia with high volume capacities are identified as “sweet spots” and recommended as areas for reservoir characterization. In addition to the CO2 storage resource assessment, the sequence stratigraphy employed provides a better understanding of the depositional environments of Tuscarora Sandstone in West Virginia.


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