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Integration of Key Petrophysical and Geomechanical Drivers into Trend Mapping.

Larry Brooks and Randy Montalvo
Nu-Tech Alliance, Humble Texas

In unconventional and conventional plays alike; the petrophysical attributes TOC, Volume of Clay, PHIAvg, OOIP, OGIP, Kerogen content, Permeability feet (Kh), Brittleness and Sw are key parameters that speak to the viability of entering into that play. It is paramount in today’s fast paced environment being ahead of the herd. Using readily available public well log data high quality petrophysical attributes can be produced and sub sequentially be mapped expeditiously. Distributing these parameters first in 2D mapping yields valuable trend definition to new and evolving plays not seen in conventional mapping, because the data in house is usually too sparse. The power of using public data and proprietary petrophysical analysis gives the geoscientist an enviable suite of maps upon which go or no go decisions can be made. The end result is accelerated advancement up the learning curve saving time in the approval process, and mobilization into leasing and E&P. After discovery, the same petrophysical output can be distributed in a stochastic 3-D model to direct exploitation, completion technology, drainage efficiency and if desired horizontal drilling. Utilizing petrophysical data in this manner can also be useful in comparing multiple plays statistically as comparators, variance in brittleness, mapping petrophysical variances within a facies, and derisking the play or prospect.


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