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Integration of Tectonic Modeling with Source-to-Sink Sediment Routing Systems

Lunt, Ian *1; Skogseid, Jakob 1; Finch, Emma 2
(1) Statoil ASA, Bergen, Norway.
(2) University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Sediment delivery to tectonic basins is controlled to first order by topography. Over large wavelengths, lithospheric processes are a first order control on topography, and therefore on sediment transport. An understanding of how topography evolves over time can be used to predict the evolution of onshore drainage systems, and therefore sediment delivery to marine basins.

In this presentation, the effect of dynamic topography on sediment routing is investigated using an example from the North Atlantic. Specifically, the evolution of drainage basins and the locations of major entry points into subsiding basins are examined. It is clear that the locations of major sediment input points are a major control on the location of coastal and Deepwater sand fairways (Sømme et al., 2009), and therefore prediction of these are vital for identifying ancient sediment routing systems. The impact of dynamic topography on sediment routing systems is demonstrated through a combination of topographic modelling, drainage and sediment transport models.


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