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Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Upper Wilcox Sandstone, Fields Field, Louisiana

Forstner, Stephanie R.*1
(1) Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO.

Numerous studies have been conducted in the Texas Wilcox trend; however, only a handful of diagenetic and depositional studies have been conducted in the Wilcox Formation of Southwestern Louisiana. Located in this region is Fields Field which has produced from the Upper Wilcox Sandstones since 1966 (approximately 2.7 MMBO and 23 BCFG). One Upper Wilcox Sandstone, with 15% porosity, tested water from a 100 foot thick distributary mouth bar deposit that ranges in depths of 12260-12562 feet. This subarkose sandstone interval is productive in Fields Field in only some wells. Depositional, diagenetic, and tectonic processes are principal mechanisms that influence the economic viability of an oil and gas reservoir. The purpose of this study is to understand the depositional and diagenetic processes that affect reservoir quality to improve completion practices and further characterize the Upper Wilcox. The Wilcox has primarily been described as a fluvial deltaic deposit comprised of thick laminated nonmarine fluvial sandstone interbedded with lagoon or lacustrine clays (Hosman, 1996). Twenty-eight Upper Wilcox rotary cores have been analyzed via petrographic thin sections, QEMScan, and SEM. Sands have been mildly to moderately bioturbated perpendicular to bedding and carbonaceous fragments of plant material are present. QEMScan and SEM results reveal primary intergranular and secondary porosity to be occluded by Quartz overgrowths, Calcite cement, Illite, Chlorite, and Smectite clays. Secondary porosity is a result of alkali-feldspar and other unstable grain dissolution. The highest porosity zones occur with pore-filling and pore-coating Illite, Chlorite, and Smectite clays that make up an average of 32.5% of the rock. The results of this study add insight to the future development of Fields Field and completion practices in tight sandstone reservoirs.


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