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The Watonga Field — An Integration Case Study

Davogustto, Oswaldo *1; Cabarcas, Carlos 1; Slatt, Roger M.1; Marfurt, Kurt J.1
(1) The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

With production that extends over several decades, good 3D seismic coverage, and over 300 wells, the RedFork-Formation incised valley fills of the Watonga field, west central Oklahoma, provides a natural laboratory to develop and calibrate a reservoir characterization workflow that assess challenges, uncertainties, opportunities, and risks for new RedFork plays. Our methodology constrains the geological model and distribution of petrophysical properties using detailed seismic structural and stratigraphic interpretation constrained by geological correlations. In addition to the proper selection of lithofacies and matrix upscaling, reconciliation of depth-converted horizons interpreted from prestack-time migrated data with well control, the generation of variograms from 100s of wells are key to generating an accurate stochastical distribution of lithofacies. The combination of a robust geological model with a complete suite of seismic attributes results in improved characterization of heterogeneities, that otherwise falls below the resolution of seismic data. The generation of multiple scenarios provides a more complete understanding of reservoir connectivity and heterogeneous production results.


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