--> --> Abstract: Global Resource Potential of Gas Hydrate, by Arthur H. Johnson; #90124 (2011)

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Making the Next Giant Leap in Geosciences
April 10-13, 2011, Houston, Texas, USA

Global Resource Potential of Gas Hydrate

Arthur H. Johnson1

(1) Hydrate Energy International, Kenner, LA.

A new evaluation of gas hydrate resource potential, utilizing a petroleum systems approach, has resulted in calculations that support the probability of a large volume of hydrate being present in sand reservoirs in polar and deepwater sediments. Previous global estimates published during the past 30 years have reported large volumes but have included the hydrate present in low concentration in shales that is not commercially viable. More recent estimates have utilized a petroleum systems approach but have only covered individual basins.

The new assessment includes every coastal margin on Earth along with Polar Regions. Of the total volume of hydrate in place, it is likely that only a relatively small percentage is technically recoverable, and an even smaller percentage will be commercially viable. Yet, even at the low end, the resource potential is significant.

Due to the lack of subsurface data for the hydrate stability zone in many parts of the world, the resulting range of values for the assessment extends over several orders of magnitude. With future drilling results and improved seismic evaluation techniques, the estimate of hydrate volume in place will be further revised.