--> --> Abstract: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: An Energy Solution to Remote Gas & Oil Production and Exploration, by John R. Deal; #90124 (2011)

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Making the Next Giant Leap in Geosciences
April 10-13, 2011, Houston, Texas, USA

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: An Energy Solution to Remote Gas & Oil Production and Exploration

John R. Deal1

(1) Hyperion Power Generation, Denver, CO.

Small modular nuclear power reactors (SMRs) are gaining recognition as the true workhouse for the clean energy movement. Employing innovative technology, small nuclear reactors are ready for introduction into locales and industries eager to take advantage of this clean, safe, and reliable energy source. Although there are many applications for these “super batteries”, one is the novel solution to concerns about the carbon emissions generated by the mining and retorting of oil sands, which burn natural gas to run operations. While the oil and gas industries continue to actively search for ways in which to cut production costs and greenhouse gas emissions, a viable alternative is small nuclear reactors. John R. “Grizz” Deal, CEO of Hyperion Power Generation, will discuss the role of small modular nuclear reactors in the oil industry focusing on their facility to be transported to remote areas, such as oil fields, and to be set-up and operable quickly. With no carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide emissions, small nuclear reactors can provide baseload power 24/7 with no greenhouse-gas contributions. An additional benefit is the improvement of the cost-efficiency of oil field operations. In fact, a recent study reveals the average oil field can save as much as $2 billion per year by using technology instead of burning natural gas in oil production. Furthermore, this innovative technology is more affordable than many developing alternative energy technologies. Grizz Deal will open the audience’s eyes to the tremendous potential of this new energy player!